open fire

In remembrance of the fifteen people who lost their lives on April 20th, 1999.

this blog may contain graphic material.


By the age of 18, Richard Ramirez was a habitual drug user and chronic candy eater, resulting in tooth decay and extreme halitosis. 



Disappointement level 666



Eric Harris home, from when I visited Littleton last week


I cracked my first smile all week. STOP Harris and Holmes ;P

Anonymous asked: The broken cglass cutting our dicks felt really really swell especially with the electric shocks. The smell of our burning flesh made us splooge everywhere which sounded like swoohswoohswoohswooh god damn that was swell.


hey guys, sorry for not posting. I post everyday on my crime instagram tho, @eric.harris kcool

Anonymous asked: Hello I am Erics ghost and the real reason there was a TV with a hole in it after the shooting was that Dylan and I took turns sticking our dicks in it and shocking ourselves as the other watched, laughed amd masturbated. It sounded sexy as fuck.

thx eric